Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's In Your Food? Watch Food, Inc. It Will Open Your Eyes

     When I first started questioning what was in the food our family was eating I came across a movie that changed the way I not only think about our food, but the way I shop and what I buy.  In one respect, it did seem to make life a bit more difficult.  You see, I couldn't just run into the store anymore and grab something.  I actually had to "think" about it.  Since then I've learned so much more, and it has become a more natural way of life for me.  I don't think twice now about reading labels, and making sure I can identify each and every ingredient in the product I am buying.  Even with my produce, where you obviously can see what you are getting, or can you, I check whether it is organic, local, or says nothing.  I check for where the produce was grown. 

I don't think I'd ever really put a lot of thought into where the food actually came from.  You know how it is, you go into the grocery store, see nicely wrapped packages on the shelf, with your biggest concern at the moment being that the wrapper doesn't have any holes and is sealed up.  Even if it did have a couple of questionable ingredients you thought it couldn't be too bad could it?  After all, why would our government allow food to be sold that is poisonous or filled with bacteria, or worse?

  Were we all in denial or did all these corporations just subtly sneak in on us while we were enjoying our food?  Probably a little bit of both.  Little by little I've been learning more about the ingredients that most people don't even think about, just like I used to do. 
 Food, Inc. is a great documentary that will really have you shuddering at times.  Most of all you will feel lied to and downright angry.  Our denial of what's really in our food is making us unhealthy, making our children unhealthy and making farmers lose their livelihoods, and fattening the bank accounts of large food industry and even more. 

     Many people are becoming aware of the deception in the food industry and realizing that if we don't change the way we eat, and shop we are compromising our health.  That may sound a bit over the edge, but it doesn't take too much digging on the internet to find out just how much we have been deceived.  Of course most people know that the government is not perfect, but this documentary will open your eyes to just a fraction of what really goes on in our nation.

Facts From Food, Inc.  will also show you a lot of things that you might never have thought about or considered when you run to the store. 



  1. This is an interesting post and I enjoyed reading it. However, that link seems to be very inaccurate. It stated that gluten was a corn product. This cannot be so as the gluten protein comes from wheat, rye and barley. Corn does not contain gluten and does not affect people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. I would make sure to double or even triple check the accuracy of the websites you get information from as you may be spreading inaccurate information to your follows. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. I checked out the only link I see on there, and did not see the gluten statement. I will check it again.

  2. I didn't see anything about gluten either... I love that video and it is one of the reasons I really read labels now and why I am a vegetarian!!!